Woïnkpa! Yes, that's her name.

A blend of delicate and fragile, but raw at times, her voice is a cross between M.I.A. and Little Dragon with an exotic accent! Having previously been compared to the latter and Santigold and Blondie, the London based artist has reached no 7 on of 100 Giggem’s "Hot songwriter in the UK" charts.

A mixed ethnicity from France and Central African Republic rocked by the sound of her childhood travels, Woïnkpa is a sympathic potpourri of ideas combining unusual structures with sweet harmonic melodies that Steel Pulse member Sidney Mills described as “Effective, courageous and creative and it’s just the beginning.“

"I'm a patchwork", Woïnkpa says and builds her cultural and musical influences around her strong identity. Witness, from very early, to dilemmas of conventional femininity on different continents, in different cultures and not being able to conform to any, she embraced and started to cultivate the individualistic aspects of herself.

A celebration of empowerment, charismatic Woïnkpa is talking from her heart and strives for what she believes in.

Woinkpa’s EP is due out in 2015 and fans can listen to the latest single ‚ 'Tendererised’ online.